My food reflects many important fusions in my work and in my life.  I believe that good food enhances all the senses.  Food should be a visual work of art and a delight to the eye as well as a pleasure to eat.  I also believe that food draws its energy and power from the quality of the ingredients and the “loving preparation” that goes into it. For me food is the ultimate form of communication.  It can tell you what a person cares about, where they have been and who they are.  My broad experience and extensive international travels have allowed me to develop a broad range of culinary skills.  I am a master baker and pastry chef. I have worked with all nurturing or “comfort foods” to the most elegant of haute cuisine dishes to my current passion of exploring live / raw food preparation.

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Panzanella, a traditional italian bread salad
Bruschetta with a white bean puree and roasted peppers
Cream of tomato and cream of cucumber soup
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